“... to good cuts among good company for many rounds to come.”


Just like the low and slow flavors of our traditional BBQ, the Cabin is a piece of history built in 1982 by hand, one log at a time. Originally just the center bar you see today, the Cabin has expanded over the years to fit more of our growing family and friends. If you want to get away from the hustle of the boardwalk, folks are always welcome to stay a while at this inland gem in the woods. A place folks can post up for a good meal and a cold drink, or maybe two. That’s the thing, once you get feel for our local community, honest cooking, and welcoming space – you have a hard time leaving. Our mission as a business is to raise a glass to a long history of good cuts among good company for many rounds to come.


Like many of you, 2020 made it seem like our whole dream was about to go up in smoke—and then, it did. Armed with just an old box BBQ smoker, we had our first Cabin Summer Cookout in late July. With everyone out in the yard under the shade of our big tents—brew in one hand, rib in the other—we had found a way to bring a piece of Americana back to our little community. Cooking out in the open, people got to watch our process and take in the whole gritty business of coals, cuts, Coor’s, and of course—smoke.

Today our barbeque has a touch of all the best American smoke lore: Memphis flavor, Tennessee rub, and Texas cook. We start off with a bed of local Jersey Red Oak, split and seasoned on site. Next, we coal-fire our wood with a big ol’ blow torch, for a subtle smokiness with an even and consistent burn. Everything we do is scratch-made by our hands, from whole hogs to sweet cornbread. If you’re looking for a sure bet, try our best-selling brisket. Smoked 24 hours a day. 500 lbs. a week. Rain or shine.


Pat grew up in a big family in Old Bridge, New Jersey. Cooking since 1994, he’s made his run at local boardwalks, bars, and steakhouses. He may have earned a fancy culinary degree but at the end of the day he knows that good food is a simple matter of hard work and heart. Pat joined us at the Cabin in 2010 to bring his skills to bear in serving a local, community-driven food culture. “It’s something to see generations of locals that still come back and call this place home.” While he’s always been good with a grill, Pat most recently took the deep dive into good old-fashioned BBQ and has smelt like smoke ever since. He chose to master southern-style cooking because it’s a food with values: hospitality, humility, and hardiness. If you see him out back covered in soot give him a shout.


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